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Providers of high quality enzymatic and non-enzymatic cleaners for cleaning instruments and scopes along with a complete range of instrument care products for sterile services, operating theatres, endoscopy units and clinics. Peskett Solutions Ltd are the sole UK distributor for Ruhof who have a worldwide reputation.

Why Choose Us?

Peskett Solutions Ltd adopted the name of the only product we distribute in the UK. As of 1st May 2004 Peskett Solutions Ltd traded as RUHOF™ a brand with a worldwide reputation for providing high quality enzymatic cleaners for cleaning instruments, scopes and a complete range of instrument care products into sterile services, operating theatres, endoscopy units and clinics.

In the UK we have been the sole distributor for Ruhof Instrument Care Products since January 2000. We have considered distributing other medical products during this time but decided to stay as a specialist company in this world of large medical corporations. By specialising we have been able to give our customers help and advise on all aspects of instrument care: cleaning, washer disinfectors, ultrasonic washers and instrument maintenance. With 20 years of experience working within and supplying to Sterile Services.

The Ruhof name enhances our ability to promote our specialist status as a leader in medical device cleaning technology and allow us to work closely with leading medical device and washer manufacturers in the UK in a non-competitive relationship.

These relationships will help to promote good practice and provide educational and information resources for the customer.


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